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Guernsey Police have seen a rise in reported cases of sexual offences

Credit: PA Images

The latest annual report shows a significant increase in cases of rape, indecent assault and indecent images of children in 2016, compared with the previous year.

16 cases of rape reported. 36 reports of indecent assault.
9 cases of rape reported. 18 reports of indecent assault.

Some of the cases investigated resulted in police determining no crime had been committed, but even after discounting the 'no crime' cases, there was an year-on-year increase in both areas.

The number of reported cases relating to indecent images of children also rose, from just 1 in 2015 to 5 in 2016.

It is a trend that may continue to rise, as the Head of Law Enforcement Patrick Rice believes it is partly down to victims having more confidence in Police and the judicial process.

We're following the same pattern as the UK... I believe the suppressed demand, the hidden demand has always been there. It is now that victims are more confident about coming forward because they know law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the courts, social services all take these matters seriously.

– Patrick Rice, Head of Law Enforcement