Pressure on for medicinal cannabis to be grown on Jersey

Credit: PA Images

Deputy Montfort Tadier is urging the Health Minister to implement plans to grow medicinal cannabis on Jersey.

It comes after a discussion in the States yesterday, where the Minister said bringing in rules to allow use of the drug was proving more difficult than expected.

Deputy Tadier says it is "nothing short of cruelty" to prevent patients from accessing medicinal cannabis.

I understand that quality-verified, medicinal cannabis already exists in the brands 'Tilray' in Canada and 'Bedrocan' in the Netherlands. If the issue is in getting these through UK customs, which I hope should not be insurmountable, maybe the answer is to licence our own growers here. If we can grow hemp for rope, we can grow it for medicinal use too. The benefits would be economic as well as environmental.

Deputy Montfort Tadier