States of Jersey debate the Future Hospital plans

Credit: States of Jersey

Ministers and backbenchers are discussing the future hospital plans in the States of Jersey today. They are debating how to fund the project, which could cost more than £466 million.

The Council of Ministers' current funding propositions include borrowing up to £275 million of this total sum, with the rest to be made up from reserves.

Yesterday a top doctor said "lives will be put at risk" if politicians don't reach a decision on the future for Jersey's hospital this week.

Alongside other clinical representatives in the Health & Social Services Department, Dr Sarah-Jane Whiteman wrote a letter to the States asking politicians to vote in favour of the funding proposition.

Dr Whiteman says the current hospital is struggling to manage infectious outbreaks, as the lack of single rooms means they cannot isolate patients.

One of the other concerns raised by the clinicians in their letter was the inadequacy of the current hospital to afford privacy and dignity to its patients.

Chris Taylor, Constable of St John, who has lodged an amendment to the funding propositions, and this morning voted to delay the debate, said he was concerned by this intervention by medical professionals.

The debate will continue this afternoon and will consider amendments to the funding proposition, before a final vote is held.