'The rape has never really stopped, I've lived with it every since'

Lester Quenault arriving to Court Credit: ITV Channel TV

A woman has told Jersey's Royal Court that the rape she alleges she experienced at the hands of Lester Charles Quenault has 'never really stopped' as she's had to 'live with it all her life.'

The witness was talking at Quenault's trial for 27 counts of historical sexual abuse which relate to two pre-teen girls in the 1970s.

Six of those charges are rape charges all relating to the woman who gave evidence today.

She says she was raped by Quenault in a car, saying in Court that he would drive down quiet lanes and into a field, where he would turn the lights off and attack her.

She said she struggled to go near that field again.

The woman also alleges that Quenault performed sexual acts on her so many times over a number of years that she has 'lost count.'

She told the Court Quenault's actions left her feeling 'disgusting' and thinking 'why me?'

The woman told the Court she did try and tell her father when she was about eight or nine saying she said 'Lester has been doing things to me' but her father just replied 'what do you want me to do about it?'

She told the Court that she also told her best friend, and this afternoon that friend gave evidence to say that the woman had told her as a child that Lester had had sex with her.

The same friend said that Lester would always be 'touchy-feely' with the woman and the woman always seemed quite uncomfortable with the attention.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The woman only spoke to the police about the alleged abuse when the force contacted her last year. They had been given her name by another woman who alleges abuse. The Inspector in charge of the case said the woman 'broke down crying' as soon as they mentioned something to do with Lester Quenault saying 'yes he raped me, my sex life is non-existent now because of it.'

But the woman's account was completely refuted in Court today by the Defence Advocate Mike Preston.

He claimed that the woman had seen Lester Quenault on a number of social occasions in her adult life, the woman says it was just once, for a business reason.

The Defence, Mike Peston said 'The reason you won't want to admit it is because it makes your story...'

The woman interrupted saying 'it's not a story, it's the truth.'

The Defence also said ' You know that seeing him would make your story less credible would it.'

The woman replied 'no, it wouldn't' and said she remembers seeing him only once.

Lester Quenault denies all the charges against him and the trial continues tomorrow.

Credit: ITV Channel TV