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Cruise ship passengers bring £4 million to Guernsey economy

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Cruise ship passengers have added just over £4 million to Guernsey’s economy in 2017, according to new figures from a survey commissioned by the States.

The amount brought in by cruise ship passengers in 2017 - which is fairly stable on last year.

That value has remained stable from 2016 because 15 ships were unable to dock in Guernsey due to poor weather.

Despite this, the average spend per passenger has risen.

The increase in average spend per cruise passenger visiting Guernsey.

That's a 15 % increase compared to 2016. The Committee for Economic Development say it's probably likely due to visitors spending more time in Guernsey. Almost two thirds of passengers spent four or more hours ashore.

The number of cruise passengers visiting Guernsey was down by over 20,000 on last year.
The States say that was also because of the 15 ships were unable to visit the island because of poor weather.

Over 110,000 cruise ship passengers visited Guernsey in 2017.

of those passengers said they would like to visit Guernsey again.

Despite the challenges of this season, the cruise market continues to show continued growth and be a vital part of Guernsey's tourism business.

– Mike Hopkins: Director of Marketing and Tourism at VisitGuernsey

Meanwhile Guernsey has been recognised nationally for it's commitment to the cruise sector.

Free Wi-Fi, an upgraded port area and a helpful meet and greet team were highlighted in the "Cruise Critic Editors' Pick Awards" contributing to the island's win in the 'Best UK & British Isles Port of Call' category.