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1,500 Tax Assessments still not processed

1,500 Tax Assessments in Jersey still not processed Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Taxes Office in Jersey has apologised after 6% fewer tax assessments have been processed compared to this time last year.

Islanders will receive a temporary ITIS rate based on their last assessed tax bill.

Tax officers say the remaining assessments for 2016 will be completed by mid-January.

It follows a statement published two months ago which blamed staff training for a delay in the number of tax forms processed.

Furthermore some islanders have been sent their assessment without a 2018 ITIS rate because they need to work out their rate manually. Here, employers will be told to take the tax rate applied for December 2017 and use it in January 2018.

The Taxes Office has also apologised to islanders paying taxes by ITIS for the current year. It's after a message appeared on their assessment claiming the balance was payable. In some cases this is a mistake and should be ignored. Those affected will see a note on the top right hand corner of their assessment page.

We are making plans to transform their experience of the Taxes Office, ultimately meaning that, from 2020, taxpayers will be able to submit their returns and receive their tax assessments and ITIS rates online, within minutes rather than months.

– The Comptroller of Taxes: Richard Summersgill