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Stormy conditions return early Thursday morning. Sophia has the details

After Storm Force 10 winds reached the Channel Islands area at around 6am this morning gusting to 73 knots (80 mph at the Channel Light Vessel south of Jersey), islanders saw damage, flooding and delays. The high tides, swell, surge and strong winds allowed the tides to increase from the predicted 11.6m in Jersey to 12m, making it one of the highest tides on record.

Although the winds ease this evening, islanders will have to brace themselves tomorrow for further chaos on the coastal roads, which are expected to be closed again, at high tide (the later time of 7.30am- 8am) meaning more travel delays into St Peter Port and St Helier.

Scroll beneath to watch the latest forecast for the islands.

High tides: Jersey tonight 19.33, Thursday 07.50

Guernsey tonight :19.41, Thursday 07.59

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