Planning permission for Jersey's new hospital refused

Credit: States of Jersey

Planning permission to build Jersey's new hospital has been refused by Deputy Steve Luce.

The Planning Minister announced his decision after considering the Independent Planning Inspector's report following the independent public inquiry.

In his report, Inspector Philip Staddon described the proposed hospital development as "grossly out of scale, an over dominant, obtrusive and alien structure."

Mr Staddon said the new building is "far too small" for the floor space proposed and whilst the location is suitable, the design was "fundamentally unacceptable".

Inspector Philip Staddon Credit: ITV Channel TV

Deputy Steve Luce is said to have taken these comments into consideration and concluded that the proposed development would result in serious and lasting harm to the townscape of St Helier, to the historic environment and to nearby homes.

The Health Minister, Senator Andrew Green, said he was disappointed about the decision.

Proposed Hospital Plans - Westmount View Credit: States of Jersey
Proposed Hospital Plans: Victoria Park Credit: States of Jersey

In December, the States of Jersey members had agreed to fund the £460 million project, before the planning permission had been passed.

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