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States of Jersey launch new telecoms strategy

Credit: PA Images

The Government will launch a new telecoms strategy today for Jersey.

The new strategy aims to:

  • clear the way for innovation in Jersey
  • boost competition; to help consumers to get the best deal
  • modernize the delivery of social policies and emergency service communications
  • protect Jersey from threats to its connectivity
  • increase transparency of the sector

The Digital Policy Unit are hoping to adopt 5G networks for high-speed connectivity across the island.

Senator Paul Routier said that the new strategy shows Jersey's commitment to becoming one of the world's best-connected jurisdictions.

We will aim for growth of digital services across all sectors through next-generation connectivity and universal fibre connectivity, effective retail competition to meet consumer preferences, internet access for everyone in society and more companies using Jersey as a test bed.

– Senator Paul Routier, Assistant Chief Minister

The Assistant Chief Minister will launch the strategy at the Digital Jersey Hub today.