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Lower electricity prices in Sark could see business grow

Sark Electricity Comissioner Credit: ITV Channel TV

Businesses in Sark could grow if electricity prices are reduced, according to the island's Electricity Comissioner.

Anthony White outlined plans to cut the amount islanders pay in December and has been visiting the island to consult with residents.

The Comissioner wants to drop the price to 45p per unit from 66p per unit, one of the highest prices in Western Europe.

This price drop could see shops reopen and new businesses established, according to Mr White.

Mr White will now consider residents' input and says he may set a "control order". This will see a maximum price for the sale of electricity.

Why are electricity prices on Sark so high?:

  • The system on Sark is too large for the market.
  • The cables have been buried.
  • Some residents have their own generators which has driven up the price.

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