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ATF Fuels' appeal is successful against regulator

Credit: ITV Channel TV

ATF Fuels - the company which provides aviation fuel in Jersey - has successfully appealed against the Channel Islands Regulator.

The regulator had said that ATF had abused their dominant position in the marketplace and demanded changes to their pricing structures.

Jersey's Royal Court overturned that decision this week, to the disappointment of CIRCA (Channel Islands Competition & Regulatory Authorities) - the regulator.

CICRA is obviously disappointed by Jersey’s Royal Court judgment which has raised some important issues.

Competition law has been key to lowering costs to Jersey consumers by at least £30m since the law came into effect in 2005; the decision to defend fundamental competition law principles in this appeal in order to protect competition was not made lightly.

We will now look carefully at the arguments made in the judgment by the Jersey Royal Court and consider how we will respond.

– Michael Byrne, CIRCA CEO

ATF Fuels have welcomed the decision and said the Royal Court commended the approach they have taken to ensure more transparent pricing.

We are absolutely delighted that Jersey’s Royal Court has ruled to overturn the previous findings of the regulator.

If the original decision by the regulator had been enforced, we would have had to go back to doing business in the way that previous suppliers had, and this would quite simply have meant increasing our prices.

It would also have reintroduced things like reselling agreements, and hidden margins, which we believe are non-transparent and unethical; this goes against everything our business stands for.

– Jonathan Best, COO of ATF Fuels