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People in Jersey warned of Bitcoin death threat email

Credit: ITV Channel Television

People in Jersey are being warned to be extra vigilant online following a Bitcoin death threat email.

It comes after the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) and the Joint Financial Crimes Unit received reports of intimidating ransom emails being sent.

They say the emails are threatening that people need to make a bitcoin payment in order to avoid them or their family members being hurt, or a hit man making an attempt on their lives.

The JFSC say the emails are relatively "unsophisticated" but still need to be treated with "caution".

What to do if you receive a threating email

  • Anyone who has fallen victim to or believes they have been targeted by this scam should contact the JFCU
  • In addition if you are a regulated financial services provider you should contact your supervisor at the JFSC.
  • Anyone who has received emails or text messages of this nature should not otherwise action them – do not respond and do not send any money to the fraudsters.