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More than 40 items confiscated from Jersey prisoners in 2017

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Improvised weapons, blades and bottles of alcohol were just some of the items confiscated from prisoners at La Moye Prison in Jersey.

More than 40 items were confiscated in 2017.

Some of the items included:

  • Blade from razor
  • Screwdriver found in carton
  • Improved weapon: lighter
  • Snooker cue
  • Pornographic DVDs
  • Pieces of sharp metal
  • Lighters
  • Racist drawings
  • Pieces of glass

Some were banned items, others were taken from inmates because they weren't entitled for them, or for health and safety reasons.

The total number of confiscated items has fallen since 2015.

45 items
55 items
106 items