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Inflation in Jersey at it's highest in six years

Credit: States of Jersey

The cost of living in Jersey rose by 3.6% last month.

Retail Price Index (RPI) now stands at 168.8, reflecting rising living costs on the island.

It marks the greatest annual rate of inflation for almost six years.

The RPI at the end of December 2017.

The latest increase in the annual rate was primarily due to the rising costs of housing and food.

Household services - e.g. school fees, phone bills and postal charges - increased by 8%
The cost of tobacco and cigarettes has increased by 5.5%.
Prices of motor insurance, buying cars and servicing cars increased by 4.8%.

All of the other fourteen groups which are measured in RPI saw an increase, apart from 'Clothing & Footwear' and 'Leisure Goods' which saw a slight decrease.