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Brexit law proposed for Jersey

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Changes that Jersey will need to make as a result of Brexit have been outlined in a new draft law.

Minister for External Relations, Senator Bailhache says he has lodged 'The European Union Repeal and Amendment Law' to ensure a smooth transition after Brexit.

The law will give the States the power to decide which EU laws will apply to Jersey.

Ministers will be able to change laws, relating to Brexit, without having to bring the matter before the Assembly.

However, they will not have the power to change laws related to taxation, serious criminal offences or interfere with human rights legislation.

If we attempted to make all the necessary changes without these powers, then the volume of Laws required would lead to a procedural traffic-jam for the Government, States Assembly and Privy Council.

We are taking a substantially different approach to the United Kingdom in bringing this draft law.

Whilst the UK is implementing all existing EU legislation which applies to it in one law, we are creating the ability for the Island to carefully select which pieces of EU legislation it wishes to keep.

– Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Minister for External Relations

The draft law will be debated by the States Assembly on 6th March 2018.