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Proposals to overhaul Guernsey's benefits system

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Proposals to overhaul Guernsey's benefits system have been published ahead of a States debate.

The Committee for Employment and Social Security (ESS) has submitted its final policy today, which will see the existing Rent Rebate scheme scrapped.

Instead, housing support and 'Supplementary Benefit' will be merged into Income Support.

The committee says the new scheme aims to equalize support and working requirements.

President of ESS, Deputy le Clerc says some households will receive less cash but will qualify for other benefits including medical cover and winter fuel allowance.

It is essential that social welfare schemes are implemented fairly and consistently.

We need to be mindful that change isn't easy however, so any decreases in cash benefits will be phased in gradually to allow people time to make adjustments to their income or circumstances.

– Deputy Michelle le Clerc, President of ESS

If passed by the States of Guernsey next week, the new benefit scheme will apply from 6th July 2018.