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Plastic-free Island campaign launches in Jersey

Credit: ITV Channel Television

Jersey's Environment Minister has announced he is backing an initiative to reduce plastic use in the island.

Deputy Steve Luce wants islanders to sign up to a version of the national campaign, Surfers against Sewage, which encourages communities to reduce their use of plastic.

If successful, it would mean Jersey is awarded a ‘Plastic Free Island’ status.

Like many Islanders, I think we have to do something to tackle the growing problem of plastic in our seas. We can’t change what washes up here from elsewhere, but we can make a personal difference by making small changes to the choices we make and encouraging others to do the same. If we manage to achieve 'Plastic Free Island’ status it will send a signal to others that this matters to our Island community and we are making a positive change.

– Deputy Steve Luce, Jersey's Environment Minister

A regional representative from the campaign, who grew up in Jersey, says we all have a part to play in the solution to this global plastic problem.

Growing up in Jersey gave me a really strong connection to the ocean and the environment, so when Surfers Against Sewage launched this campaign I realised it was an opportunity for us all to play a part in the solution to this devastating global plastic problem and make a difference in our own backyard.

– Linzi Hawkin, SAS regional representative and SUPKids founder

The campaign will officially launch this June.