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£1.5 million made in Jersey Vehicle Emission Duties last year

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The States of Jersey made £1.5 million in Vehicle Emission Duties (VED) last year.

This figure is the highest recorded in the last seven years, according to a Freedom of Information request.

Vehicle Emission Duties were introduced under the 2010 Budget. It is charged on motor vehicles when they are first registered in Jersey and are then calculated on a vehicle's CO2 emissions.

The duty is structured with a range of bands according to the vehicle’s emissions or engine size.

The idea behind it was to incentivise the choice of less polluting vehicles, with the least polluting vehicles currently paying £0 in VED and the highest polluting vehicles being charged VED of £1,800.

Environmental issues are very important. The States has recognised this by committing to an environmental agenda in the Strategic Plan that involves protecting the unique natural beauty of the Island, reducing waste and energy usage and meeting our global responsibilities (in particular with regard to carbon emissions and sustainable energy).

The level of commitment to achieve this through spending in the next few years forms part of the agreed Annual Business Plan for 2010. £2 million of this spend would need to be funded by an environmental tax if it is to continue in future years.

– Extract from Budget 2010