January - what a blast! Sophia looks back at the Channel Islands weather during the month

For some, it's been the challenge of a dry January - from an alcoholic perspective, for others it's been just trying to stay dry that has been difficult!

The first month of 2018 has proved eventful, although not record breaking! Its been mild, wet and very windy, with over 100 wind warnings issued by Jersey Met, with 7 named storms issued by Met Éireann and UK Met Office.

Jersey had the 4th mildest January on record, but interestingly, the 149.8mm of rainfall that fell this year, was way past the 30 year average of 92mm, but still only made it to 11th wettest!

January Statistics for Jersey Credit: Jersey Met Office

In Guernsey it wasn't the wet conditions that hit the headlines for this January, it was the warmth - infact the warmest January since 2008, plus 11 days of fog (the most fog days in January since 1993!)!

January Statistics for Guernsey Credit: Jersey Met Office

One big talking point was the winds, and for those of you that like pretty pictures, well the "wind rose" below will hopefully make your memory of the month, brighter!

A "wind rose" is a graphic tool used by meteorologists to give a view of how wind speed and direction are typically distributed, in this case, in Jersey.

Essentially the islands were issued with just over 100 wind warnings for January (only around 5 were "green" confirming the wind warning had ceased), but it was a very windy month, which felt like we had been blasted fro the west.

Wind Rose for January 2018 Credit: Jersey Met Office
Wind rose for 1981-2018 Credit: Jersey Met Office

Now we head into February are winds are heading in from the north, and a colder arctic feed of air will mean a chilly feel to the start of the new month. An arctic blast - but how long for? Well there's even the possibility of something wintry, especially for the UK next week.

So the last month in the winter meteorological calendar might bring new records! We will have to wait and see!