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Changes made to university cost proposals in Jersey

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New proposals to give students more financial help with university costs have been lodged today by the Council of Ministers.

The means-tested scheme for higher education funding now includes a higher maintenance grant for living expenses and an upper cap of £200,000 on annual household income, up from £150,000.

The changes to the original plan announced by the Treasury Minister in the 2017 Budget speech are designed to give extra help to lower income families.

Key points:

  • Households earning under a £110,000 a year get full tuition fees up to £9,250
  • Those earning between £110,000 and £200,000 receive smaller amounts on a sliding scale
  • Families earning less than £50,000 also get an increased grant for living costs of £7,500
  • Smaller grants are available for incomes up to £90,000

After careful consideration, we have fine-tuned the original proposal to ensure we can support more Jersey students to get to university.

This is a significant ongoing investment in education and we have a duty to make sure the available funds reach the islanders who need it most.

– Senator Alan Maclean, Jersey's Treasury Minister

The new scheme includes a built-in review every 5 years so the level of the grant is maintained in inflationary terms.

Our young people will now be able to contemplate a university education with less worry about financing it.

I am delighted we have been able to find a solution that avoids large debt, either for students or for the island.

This will ultimately strengthen Jersey’s economy by providing the skilled employees our businesses need to thrive.

– Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey's Chief Minister