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Deputies form new 'political group' in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel

A selection of Guernsey politicians have joined forces to create a new political group.

"Charter 2018" is made up of 11 deputies, who have agreed a shared set of values and principles, which they say they will follow until the next election in 2020.

While the group will aim towards a shared vision, the deputies have stressed they are not a political party.

One of the group's main priorities will be to support Guernsey's biggest business sectors including finance, construction, and tourism.

Eight of the 11 deputies to have signed up to the charter Credit: ITV Channel TV

Help for small business and startups is also on their agenda, with Deputies wanting more support given to local talent and experts, rather than those from the UK.

Members say they also want a taxation system that does not squeeze lower and middle income earners but encourages business development.

The Charter also outlines a commitment to "support married couples and families and respect the diverse range of relationships" on the island.

Meanwhile, members also want to reinvigorate the island's culture and language, which they say has been eroded over the past century.

The eleven to have signed the Charter are as follows:

  • Andrea Dudley-Owen
  • Peter Ferbrache
  • Neil Inder
  • Jan Kuttlewascher
  • Marc Leadbeater
  • Paul Le Pelley
  • Mary Lowe
  • Carl Meerveld
  • Joe Mooney
  • Barry Paint
  • Robert Prow