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Children going to school 'covered in rat bites'

Hundreds of Jersey's children are going to school hungry and some are arriving "covered in rat bites", according to the CEO of the States.

Speaking to members of the Chamber of Commerce today (Wednesday), Charlie Parker addressed the issue of poverty among the island's young people.

He said schools were having to feed hundreds of children across Jersey, who arrive without having been fed at home.

We've got 300 kids every day being fed by schools at breakfast because they don't come to school having eaten - that number's going up.

We have on top of that probably the same amount of kids that are coming into the system who have to change their clothes because they don't have uniform, half of which are also not able to deal with the normal bodily functions and be toilet trained.

– Charlie Parker, States of Jersey CEO

The CEO was attending the lunch to outline his priorities for the future, having spent several weeks learning how the States operates.

He spoke passionately about improving things for the island's children, and said there was not enough investment in making sure islanders get the best start in life.

He used the example of some children arriving at school having been bitten by rats.

When kids come to school covered in rat bites, we have a problem and we need to deal with that.

– Charlie Parker, States of Jersey CEO