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More than 1,000 islands sign petition calling for cheaper travel to and from Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than 1,000 islanders have signed a new petition to lower the cost of flying from Guernsey.

The petition was set up by university student, Ryan Sullivan, who has lived in the island all his life.

He says that regularly paying for travel costs between Guernsey and the UK led him to call for change.

Recently I have struggled to find one-way tickets from Guernsey to London Gatwick for less than £79.99, with most escalating to much higher prices.

It seems to be a rarity to find one-way tickets for under £99.99, with prices tending to be around £129.99 and often as high as £199.99.

If Aurigny needs to charge customers that much yet is still in deficit every year then I believe their business model is flawed and requires reconsideration.

– Ryan Sullivan

He also says that the current prices could have a detrimental impact on tourism.

If Guernsey was more cheaply and easily accessible, its tourist industry would highly likely improve - this would, in turn, give more reason for investors to create tourist attractions.

I believe that the extortionate cost of getting to Guernsey by air (the quickest and most reliable form of transportation to the island) is proving detrimental to the tourist industry and I believe the way forward for our tourist and hotel industries is less expensive travel.

– Ryan Sullivan

Aurigny says comparisons with fares available from the UK to Jersey ignore the the difference in scale of operating in the two islands.

Looking ahead, as part of its response to the strategic review, Aurigny has announced plans to introduce a new fare structure - that will offer passengers the chance to save with a new, lower, hand baggage only fare.

This will position Aurigny more favourably with the likes of Easyjet and British Airways, who structure their fares in a similar manner.

Its aim is to ensure that more lower fares are available that will generate up to 30,000 extra single passenger journeys for the airline each year, and could bring in up to 7,500 additional inbound visitors to the Island.

– Alastair Ford, of States Trading Assets