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Jersey FA 'serious' about UEFA application

The Jersey Football Association (JFA) has stressed its application for membership of UEFA, is a "serious one", ahead of it going to Congress in Bratislava next week.

In a letter to members of the Congress, the President of the JFA has outlined their case and the journey the group have been on to try and secure membership.

The JFA submitted an application to UEFA in December 2015, which was later rejected by the Executive, due to the island not meeting certain requirements.

On appeal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport found in favour of the application being heard by the wider membership at Congress.

Our application is a serious one, and we believe we would be a positive UEFA member.

Our application has been rejected by the UEFA Executive on the grounds that we do not meet the requirements of Article 5 of the UEFA Statutes - this article was, of course, introduced some 20 years ago when Gibraltar applied for membership, and has recently been amended.

I recognise that Jersey does not meet the United Nations criteria, as set out under Article 5, but that also applies to a number of existing UEFA members.

– Phil Austin, President of the Jersey Football Association

Sporting stars from across Jersey have also come together to support the campaign, including Jersey Sport CEO Catriona McAllister, local footballers Sophie Botterill and Tom Murray, and Jersey Cricket Board CEO Chris Minty.

We’ve seen what a huge boost international recognition has given other sports in Jersey and UEFA membership would surely give young local footballers even further inspiration to go on and represent their island.

It would bring with it investment in facilities and local clubs, and actually raise the profile of all sports in Jersey.

– Catriona McAllister, Jersey Sport CEO