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Foreign nationals will not be able to stand for election

Politicians in Jersey have decided to keep laws, which mean non-British citizens are unable to stand for election.

Proposals put forward by Deputy Montfort Tadier were defeated, with 29 members voting against them and 12 voting in favour.

It means that, in order to become a States member, people from other countries will have to apply for British citizenship, not matter how long they have been resident in the island.

One islander from Portugal, who has lived in Jersey for almost 19 years, says she believes budding politicians shouldn't have to "give up their identity".

It's my identity, it's my culture, which I'm not willing to give up at all. It's who I am, it's part of my soul. So, no. I cannot trade that.

We are part of the active population, we produce and we pay what we should pay. I think the system is not fair.

– Manuela Santos

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