Living with ME: Gary Burgess shares his story

ITV Channel TV journalist, Gary Burgess, is sharing his experience of living with ME, ahead of a screening of a film about the illness in Jersey.

ME, also known as Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, is a condition that causes severe fatigue, chronic pain, as well as a loss in concentration known as "brain fog".

Gary has been signed off from work for 14 months, after being diagnosed last year and describes the illness as like having a "battery that won't charge".

ME can be really hard to explain because you can't see it. The best way I describe it is, imagine you've got an old mobile phone where the battery won't fully charge. ME is like that. I start my day with a battery that's barely charged overnight and stuff that shouldn't use much energy really knackers my battery.

Gary Burgess, ITV Channel TV journalist

Since his diagnosis, Gary has set up an online support network called "Zonked Club", which aims to offer support for people with fatigue-linked illnesses.