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Vicar of Baghdad is 'called to Alderney'

'Vicar of Baghdad' is called to Alderney Credit: ITV Channel TV

Alderney hosted a special visitor this week.

Canon Andrew White - better known as the 'Vicar of Baghdad' - flew to the island from Jerusalem after saying he was called upon, by God.

For more than ten years, he was at the helm of the only Anglican Church in Iraq - a role that lead to his nickname.

I felt God was saying very clearly, 'go not to Jerusalem, not to America, not to England but to Alderney'. It is rather a strange thing so I said 'ok lord, I will go but I want proof within one day, send me proof'. The next day, somebody came in to see me in my room in Jerusalem and I got talking to her, she lived in Swansea but she said I'm not from Swansea, I'm from Alderney.

– Canon Andrew White

Canon White led islanders in prayer and spent time at a holiday club during his two-day visit to Alderney.