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Jersey FA's UEFA application to be discussed today

The Jersey Football Association (JFA) could soon find out whether it will be able to become a member of UEFA.

Its application for membership will today be heard by other UEFA members at Congress in Bratislava.

The JFA had an application to join UEFA rejected in 2015 because the island was not deemed to be an independent nation.

However, after an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the 55 current member nations will now hear Jersey's bid at its congress meeting.

The President of the JFA recently wrote a letter to all current UEFA members, highlight how 'serious' Jersey is in its application.

I recognise that the UEFA Executive will advise Congress that Jersey does not meet the eligibility criteria, and I understand their position.

However, you, as a member, have the discretion to vote in favour of our application. We are a football community in Europe and you, UEFA, are the European governing body for football.

If we cannot obtain membership of your Association, and your help and support in the development and growth of our football, then who can we turn to? If our application is declined, what future can there be for Jersey football?

I sincerely hope that you will feel able to support our application. If you feel that Article 5 prohibits that, I would urge you to seek an amendment to it, that would facilitate our acceptance.

– Phil Austin, President of the JFA