Snow and Storms - so much weather on the way this week. Sophia explains

Taken on a snowy night in 2018 by Elizabeth De Gruchy Credit: ITV

Snow.....well this is probably the most exciting aspect you are thinking about this week if you are reading this article! You either love it or hate it, but no matter what - we are getting some!

Having said that, you may not be aware that the islands are quite likely to be divided when it comes to quantity, particularly over the next 2 days (Monday - Wednesday am)

And snow is not the only feature we, as weather presenters and forecasters are keeping a very close eye on - Storm Emma has been named by the Portuguese Met Service, and we will feel the impact on Thursday onwards.

But lets first take a look at the snow issue!

Jersey Met have issued 2 warnings for snow, a yellow warning for Jersey and an orange warning for Guernsey

Snow warning for Guernsey Credit: Jersey Met Dept

The reason Guernsey has a greater warning is because there is a band of convectional showers moving down the channel and this is more likely to impact Guernsey and Alderney, with Jersey being sheltered by France.

It is possible that the islands will see snow showers (scattered or isolated) tomorrow through to Wednesday morning and then we have a better day on the way. After Wednesday our eyes turn to the south and deep area of low pressure moves into picture.

Storm Emma has been named by the Portuguese Met Office and we can expect gale force winds, possible some more snow as a front moves across us, followed by rain and increasing temperatures.

So a lot of weather this week and I'll keep you posted online, on facebook (Sophia Bird ITV) and on twitter (@SophiaWeather) with the latest.