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New Education Committee unveil next steps for two school model in Guernsey

Guernsey's Education Committee will meet teachers, parents & pupils in coming weeks to discuss 'two-school model' of secondary education Credit: ITV Channel TV

The new Education Committee for Guernsey will meet with head teachers in the coming weeks to develop a 'two-school model' of secondary education.

The structure will see two States-run comprehensives, each with their own sixth forms.

The College of Further Education will also be redeveloped into a single institution for technical and professional studies.

Leadership will be devolved to the secondary schools and the college, under new plans.

In early March, Committee President Matt Fallaize and the Chief Secretary to the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, Gus Paterson, will meet all primary and secondary school head teachers.

In the weeks that follow, the pair (along with other members of the Committee) will speak to as many secondary school teachers as possible. They will also write to parents and chat to students.

The Committee recognises that it needs to keep all stakeholders properly informed, which means engaging directly with teachers, parents, students and the wider community. The Committee will also strive to provide greater certainty about the future as soon as possible, including identifying the two sites for the 11-18 schools and the transition model for students and teachers.

– Deputy Fallaize