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Islanders asked to help stop the spread of Asian Hornets

Asian Hornet Credit: National Bee Unit

Islanders are being asked to volunteer to become parish coordinators in an effort to stop the spread of Asian Hornets in Jersey.

These invasive insects which look like very big wasps tend to target honeybees.

There are fears the island may see a significant increase in Asian Hornets this year.

The Jersey Beekeepers Association want every parish to have a designated coordinator to take calls and confirm sightings before passing information on to Environment staff at the States of Jersey. They hope this will streamline processes.

It is important for everybody to keep their eyes and ears open for the Asian Hornet when it does start to emerge because it can be exceptionally dangerous, not just as far as insects and so on are concerned but family pets and even ourselves if we find ourselves in a situation where we come close to one of these nests and we're not aware of it. Outside of the nest environment they're relatively docile but if you come within close proximity of the nest and you set up a vibration on the floor then they go into full attack mode.

– Bob Tompkins: Jersey Beekeepers Association