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60% of Guernsey public sector workers will have 2% pay increase

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60% of public sector workers in Guernsey will have a 2% pay increase, which will be back-tracked to the start of 2018.

The island's Policy and Resources Committee has reached a pay deal with Prospect for 2,000 public sector staff, including all:

  • Civil servants
  • GBA officers
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Learning support assistants

The agreement follows a similar deal with the Unite union in February 2018.

Under the pay deal, both Prospect and Unite members will receive a 1% pay rise on their salary from last May and a 2% uplift from 1st January this year.

The two deals mean that 60% of States of Guernsey's workforce will get the 2% pay rise. These deals run to the end of 2018.

It is my hope that, in respect of other groups still to settle for 2017, we will be able to collectively work to ensure deals for both last year and 2018 are agreed as soon as possible. We continue to work hard alongside those groups to achieve our goals, as it is to the benefit of both employees and the employer that new rates are agreed without delay.

– Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, P&R