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Grandfather in Guernsey fears he may die whilst waiting for a scan

81-year-old Tony Hobbs is waiting for a heart scan Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Guernsey grandfather who has waited four months for a heart scan fears he may die before he sees a specialist.

Tony Hobbs is currently one of 77 patients in Guernsey waiting for a CT scan because of unexpected staff shortages at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

The 81-year-old was diagnosed with a blocked artery and a leaky valve in November.

Mr Hobbs believes there should be a back-up plan in place to make sure situations like this don't happen.

Guernsey's Health and Social Care department have apologised, saying that ensuring there is enough staff 'resilience' is a challenge for such a small island.

Current waiting times for specialised cardiac CT scans is currently on average eight weeks. This is longer than HSC would wish and has been caused through unexpected staff sickness.

New arrangements have been put in place to reduce these waiting times by working with a UK specialist provider who can provide reports on the scans which are carried out locally.

These temporary delays do not affect emergency or urgent cases where currently cancer referrals are carried out within two weeks, emergency scans within two days and urgent scans within one week - this is the case for CT, MRI and Ultrasound.

In general terms we have a health service that would be the envy of many other jurisdictions, although we fully appreciate that will be of little comfort to any member of the community who has to wait longer than they should do as a result of specific issues, such as current short-staffing. We apologise to anyone affected.

– Guernsey Health & Social Care