1. ITV Report

Jersey's migration policy under review

In 2015, the net migration increase was 1,500. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A scrutiny panel will conduct a high-level review of Jersey Government's proposed migration policy.

The policy was due to be debated by the States this month but has been pushed back to after the May elections by the Chief Minister.

The review will consider all aspects of the policy including plans to introduce:

  • Time-limited work permits for lower-skilled migrants coming to the island.
  • Introducing criminal record checks for all migrants
  • Introducing photo-ID registration cards for all migrants

Deputy John Le Fondré says the panel's review is vital as the debate of the policy will now take place under a new States Assembly.

Ensuring any growth in Jersey’s population is sustainable in the long-term remains a key area of concern for both the Assembly and the public...

We intend to publish our initial observations on the policy to assist future more detailed scrutiny when the policy is lodged for debate.

– Deputy John Le Fondré, Chairman of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel