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States withdraw new pay deal for public sector workers in Jersey

Jersey's government has withdrawn the new pay deal it offered to public sector workers Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's government has withdrawn the new pay deal it offered to public sector workers.

It's after hundreds of employees rejected the offer through union ballots.

The deal would have resulted in a pay rise for some but a loss for others on historical contracts.

the number of people who would have seen wages go down under workforce modernisation plans

We have explored the implications of the rejected offer and have continued to discuss with the unions what is possible and what is not. The unions have offered no realistic alternative proposals, and there is still no more money, so we have been left with no other option than formally to withdraw the workforce modernisation offer.

– Jersey States Chief Executive: Charlie Parker

The offer will still be available for the groups who voted to accept it.

A two-year pay deal will now be negotiated for 2018-19 which will include a pay freeze for senior managers earning £100,000 or more.

Mr Parker also announced restructuring plans for public services. His proposals mean fewer layers between those at the top and front line staff.

The number of senior roles that will be lost in the first phase of the restructuring

Mr Parker plans to rename several government departments to:

  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Department for the States Treasurer and Exchequer
  • Department for Customer and Local Services
  • Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills
  • Department for Health and Community Services
  • Department for Justice and Home Affairs
  • Department for Growth, Housing and Island Environment
  • Department for Strategic Policy, Performance and Population
  • Chief Operating Office