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Open Newsroom Day at ITV Channel

12 students got the chance to find out how we make the news Photo: ITV Channel TV

Here at ITV Channel TV, we opened our newsroom to 12 students today (Thursday) to show them what life is like on the other side of the camera.

The Open Newsroom Day is an opportunity to show young people what goes into the making of a news programme, from presenting the weather to operating a camera.

After a quick introduction, our weather presenter Sophia Bird showed students from Les Quennevais, Le Rocquier and Haute Vallee how to use a green screen.

Weather presenters of the future got a chance to test their skills Credit: ITV Channel TV
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Whilst, camera operator Paul and director Ro gave students an explanation of how our Sat Truck and Gallery operate.

Cameraman Paul explained the Sat Truck tardis Credit: ITV Channel TV
Director Ro showed students how life in the gallery works Credit: ITV Channel TV

Once a year, ITV News in partnership with the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) host Open Newsroom Days across the UK and the Channel Islands.