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Thousands missed off organ donation register in Jersey

Photo: ITV Channel Television

Thousands of islanders in Jersey who opted to donate their organs on their driving licence application form have not been added to the organ donor register.

The organ donation box on the application form was implemented in 2015, but since it was introduced none of the information has been passed onto the National Health Service in the UK.

This means thousands of islanders who requested to be on the National Transplant list, haven't been added.

Official statistics show that just 13% of islanders in Jersey and 12% in Guernsey are signed up to the organ donation register. This compares to 37% of the population in the UK.

Connétable Len Norman says the reason for the oversight comes down to a lack of resources and personnel.

A spokesperson for NHS Blood and Transplant, told ITV News they are 'working constructively' with the Jersey authorities to ensure that any information they have collected is uploaded to the Organ Donor Register under 'appropriate data sharing arrangements'.

Anyone wishing to register for organ donation can do so via