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Police 'incredibly worried' after newborn baby left at hospital in Jersey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Police say they are "incredibly worried" after a newborn baby was left at Jersey's hospital in the early hours of this morning.

The baby boy was left in the waiting area of the Emergency Department at the General Hospital at 5:40am, with the umbilical cord still attached.

He has been medically assessed and is described as being fit and well.

CCTV footage shows what is believed to be two women walking through the Parade Gardens from the direction of Rouge Bouillon and one seen carrying the baby.

The woman carrying the baby is then seen to enter the Emergency Department alone and exiting shortly afterwards without the baby.

Credit: States of Jersey Police

Police are now appealing to the mother, saying their overriding concern is to make sure she is safe and well.

I want to appeal directly to the mother so that we can offer her medical and emotional support.

We know to do this she must have been desperate and by leaving the baby at the hospital we know she wanted him to be looked after and to know he was safe so our paramount concern now is for the mother’s safety and welfare.

– Superintendant James Wileman

We are concerned about the health of the mother of the baby boy and are appealing for her to come forward.

You can contact me directly and I will be available to talk to you on 07797710885.

We would like to reassure mum that the baby boy is currently being cared for and looked after and is doing well.

– Jan Auffret, Midwife

Anyone with any information is asked to contact 612200, via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.