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What is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day?

Credit: Stop CSE

There is one case of suspected child sexual exploitation being reported to police forces across the Channel Islands nearly every week.

Last year, officers in Jersey and Guernsey investigated 46 separate incidents.

Today marks National Child Exploitation Awareness Day - a day which encourages everyone to "think, spot and speak our against abuse".

It's about making sure young people are in healthy relationships. We see a whole host of young people through our services that are struggling in unhealthy relationships and you want everyone to be in a healthy relationship where they feel comfortable and they feel valued.

– Detective Chief Inspector Clare Cuthbert, States of Guernsey Police

Services across the islands are encouraging islanders to understand what the issue is and what services are available to victims.

If a child or a young person is worried about their own relationship that they're in, or that there's somebody manipulating them or coercing them they might realise actually this is not right, this is not right, who can I speak to? So we encourage everyone to speak to a professional, either a parent or a teacher, involved with the Youth Commission, they can go down to the hub, there's lots of professionals out there that they can gain help, even if they're not sure.

– Mark Capern, Jersey Youth Service

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