Drones to help forecast Jersey's weather

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new drone-led technology has been tested in Jersey, to help, amongst other things, forecast the island's weather. Sophia, our weather presenter was one of the lucky few invited along to see its inaugural flight in Jersey.

The creators from Switzerland visiting Jersey this week and demonstrated the drone to some Jersey's utility companies, using the island as a test bed, themselves, but also to show off its capabilities.

In particular the drone was demonstrated to show that it could produce information and data, that could increase the accuracy of forecasting by recording the atmosphere above us.

Current weather data provided by Jersey Met, comes from ground or at points above 2km. There is little that can be monitored between these heights, but the drone would be able to supply that missing data.

The drone is also capable of improving forecasting for aviation purposes, such as: visibility, wind speed and direction.

A drone like this is currently being used in Switzerland at the airport to assist on days with poor visibility, and if it were to be used across the Channel Islands, it could reduce the number of flights which are unable to land in due to fog.

‘Meteodrones’ have already been engaged in successful trials involving the US weather service.

Drone footage from ITV Channel TV and Digital Jersey on the day the drone was flown: 21/3/18