Islanders divided over assisted dying proposals

Hundreds of islanders met last night to discuss the controversial subject of assisted dying in Guernsey.

It was organised by campaigners who agree with the Chief Minister and his proposals for changes to the laws in Guernsey and Alderney which would give people the choice to end their own life.

But concerns were raised at a public forum ahead of the States debate in May.

Some called the idea dangerous, whilst others said the debate should be opened up to include other life limiting conditions.

Deputy Gavin St Pier said that he was pleased with the level of interest shown at the public meeting and the diversity of opinion.

The Chief Minister also said it was important to get political backing before investing time into overcoming legal and regulatory barriers.

After last night's meeting, the Home Affairs Minister said the issue of assisted dying would be "extremely problematic for Guernsey" if the UK did not make similar law changes.