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Islanders in Jersey to have a Digital ID by May

Credit: Yoti

Islanders will be able to use their phones as identification from May.

Jersey residents will be able to verify their identity and their age by using digital services provider, Yoti.

Deputy Scott Wickenden says the new system will also enable islanders to access their health records.

We have already established a consistent set of security standards for all IT systems used by the States of Jersey. We have set up as a central platform for new personal digital services as they come online, from checking social security contributions to accessing health records. Now that we have selected a digital ID provider, we can build more online services for Islanders.

– Deputy Scott Wickenden, Assistant Minister

Deputy Wickenden also says the digital ID service would help prevent under-age drinking.

The States of Jersey Police are keen to use Yoti to help them prevent under-age drinking and to support businesses in protecting minors.

One of the first applications of this technology is likely to be to verify the age of people entering licensed premises and events. Individuals will be able to leave valuable ID documents at home and prove their age with their phone.

– Deputy Scott Wickenden, Assistant Minister

The States say they selected Yoti as the provider because of its security protocols.

Yoti uses a hybrid encryption system to secure personal details, which means they cannot access customers' personal data, nor share it with different organisations.