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Paid Maternity leave increased to 6 weeks in Jersey

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Paid Maternity leave will be increased to 6 weeks in Jersey after States members voted unanimously to extend Family Friendly employment rights.

The proposals will also extend maternity leave, parental leave and adoption leave to 26 weeks.

Parents will also have the right to request flexible working.

The followings changes will be introduced from September 1, 2018:

  • 26 weeks: maternity, adoption and parental leave will be increased to 26 weeks.
  • Paid Maternity leave: will increase from 2 weeks to 6 weeks
  • Paid Parental leave: 2 weeks of parental leave will be paid
  • Paid adoption leave: 2 weeks of adoption leave will be paid
  • Antenatal appointments: fathers/partners can take time off for antenatal appointments
  • Right to request flexible working: parents will have the right to request flexible working from their employees

The proposals followed the recommendations from The Employment Forumat the end of last year.

Credit: PA Images

Deputy Susie Pinel says she hopes the changes will improve the position for parents in the workplace.

These changes have advantages, both for the economy and for the family unit. I hope that, over time, we will start to see more fathers taking parental leave and that this will bring a change in workplace attitudes and practices, potentially reducing discrimination against women in employment and recruitment.

– Deputy Susie Pinel, Social Security Minister

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