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Candidate for Constable of St Brelade withdraws from election

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A Reform Jersey candidate standing for Constable of St Brelade has decided to withdraw from the election.

Marilyn Carré decided to run for election as Constable of St Brelade just two days prior to the nomination deadline and was assisted by Reform Jersey to complete her nomination form.

On Friday afternoon, the Viscount’s officers served notice to Ms Carré that she was to attend the Royal Court due to a discrepancy surrounding her nomination, which had been raised by the Parish Secretary of St Brelade.

This was an honest mistake on the part of Ms Carré and Reform Jersey, who were rushing to complete the form in a short period of time.

We are disappointed that this has been handled in such a heavy-handed way.

It is regrettable that rather than attempt to investigate the matter further or contact Ms Carré to inform her of her belated discovery of this discrepancy, the Parish Secretary of St Brelade instead chose to contact the Royal Court as the first port of call.

Having simply put forward her name to serve her community and try to make a positive difference for her Parish, and then facing the prospect of being forced through a stressful and upsetting court hearing, Ms Carré feels that she can no longer contest the election.

Reform Jersey completely supports Ms Carré’s decision and are extremely sorry that she has been put through this.

– Sam Mézec, Chairman of Reform Jersey

A decision on whether to re-open nominations or allow the only other candidate for the role, Mike Jackson, to take up the position is expected to be decided by the Royal Court tomorrow morning.

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