Islanders urged to look out for Asian hornet queens

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Environmentalists are urging islanders to look out for Asian hornet queens.

The invasive predators, which look like wasps and have yellow legs, are just coming out of hibernation and the authorities want to manage their numbers.

Each queen this year can produce up to 200 more queens next year.

Local environmentalists and the Environment department say they are trying to catch the queens as they come out of hibernation.

  • Asian hornets tend to make their nests within 10 feet of the ground, and have been know to choose porch doors or garden sheds to create their nests

  • Every one queen that is captured is a huge hit on their population

  • Compared to honey bees Asian hornet nests produce hundreds of new queens and it's this that's allowed them to colonise all of Western Europe within 14 years.

Officials and charities are asking members of the public to report any sighting to the Environment department, and say a false alarm is better than not reporting at all.