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New social media campaign wants people to share a glimpse of island life

Visit Jersey has launched a new campaign encouraging islanders to share island life on social media. Credit: Jersey Seafaris

Visit Jersey has launched a new campaign encouraging people to share their photos and videos of island life on social media.

The "Be More Richie" campaign is inspired by Richard Stevens from Jersey Seafaris, who posts on social media about his adventures on the waters using the hashtag #theislandbreak.

Richard Stevens started using social media to promote the island's beauty in 2012, around the same time his business Jersey Seafaris was starting up. Credit: Jersey Seafaris

His footage showcasing Jersey's scenery includes regular boat trips and dolphin sightings.

Visit Jersey is asking other islanders to follow his lead, to showcase the island's natural beauty.

People are asked to post what they feel are real and genuine moments using the the island break hashtag to "Be More Richie".

That's the key to social media, there are no set rules.

You can take one nice panoramic scenery shot, then the next minute it could be myself and my crew just having a laugh at the Écréhous or the Minquiers.

It's anything really, showing what we do in a good light.

– Richard Stevens, Jersey Seafaris