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600 runners turn out for Durrell Challenge

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Hollywood superstar, Henry Cavill, has joined just under 600 runners at this year's Durrell Challenge.

The 13km race started at People’s Park in St Helier, winding through the green lanes, before finishing at Jersey Zoo.

The Jersey-born actor is an ambassador for the charity.

Durrell has always been a part of my life. I grew up on the island obviously and hanging around at Jersey Zoo and experiencing that was always a major part of my childhood, but, Durrell also do an incredible thing. They are really, really helping endangered species around the world and so for me, to have that double hit of something from home, and also something that matters to me and is close to my heart - that was a win.

– Henry Cavill, Durrell Challenge Ambassador

This year’s winner, Dan Romerils, took around 50 minutes to finish the race.

It is the second time he has won the event.

It was really hard up the hills. The boys behind ran a hard race as well. There was a pack of 4 of us for most of the race but I didn't want to take the lead and I think they knew that so they ran really slow at the start so I had to lead out from the start which I am not very good at and then we seemed to go at quite an easy pace until about 5km and then I just managed to push on.

– Dan Romeril, Durrell Challenge Winner
has been raised for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

We need as much funding as we possibly can to help save species from extinction so every kilometre that these runners go today, they are helping save species and of course everyone who comes along and has a lovely day with our animals, enjoying themselves at the zoo, their ticket is going to be the future of our animals.

– Dr Lesley Dickie, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust CEO
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