Proposals for Assisted Dying in Guernsey defeated

Credit: PA Images

Proposals to bring Assisted Dying to Guernsey have been defeated today.

The proposals, put forward by Chief Minister Gavin St Pier, could have seen Guernsey become the first place in the British Isles to legalise assisted dying.

But after a three-day long debate, the States of Guernsey voted against the Requete, which would have seen a working party formed, to look at if and how assisted dying could work.

Five different propositions were voted on:

Proposition 1 & 2:

  • For: 16

  • Against: 22

Proposition 3

  • For: 14

  • Against: 24

Proposition 4

  • For: 11

  • Against: 26

  • Abstains: 1

Proposition 5

  • For: 37

  • Against: 1

The proposals failed, despite last minute changes to the original Requete.

The plans had created division across the island, with many people for and against.

The one proposal that was supported today will see more work done to improve palliative care in the island, including more on-island access to specialist consultants.

The British Medical Association say they welcome the States decision.