Bank Holiday weather for Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. The latest info!

This weekend the weather is looking warm and sunny Credit: Richard Bougeard

Not just one May Bank Holiday in 2018, but the two, long weekends, could end up being warm and sunny for islanders, and possibly even record breaking temperatures for Monday 28th May!

Current indications are temperatures will be in the mid to high 20s and we are likely to have high UV and dry conditions although there could be a few some isolated showers and the risk of thunder.

In Paris the thunderstorms have arrived and there has been localised flooding and even reports of hailstorms. Those thunderstorms are now tracking north. Some thundery showers are already fairly close which will reach the UK tomorrow, heading up from France where, in Paris, there have been reports of hailstorms in the 22 degrees heat.

For the Channel Islands, we could all end up with dry, hot and sunny conditions, which would be regarded in meteorological terms as a "dry spell" - 15 consecutive days when there is less than 1mm of rainfall. All will depend on tonight when we could see just a few showers clip the islands as they rotate from France, across the UK and try to head south towards us.

This Monday the forecast is for temperatures to reach 25 or 26 degrees, and the warmest 28th May on record is 26.6 degrees, so if all the conditions line up - sun, dry, cloud free, light winds from the north east, we might even have a record breaking temperature on the cards!