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Jersey's Blood Donor Centre still closed after four months

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's blood donation service is still suspended, after being temporarily closed nearly four months ago.

It's expected to reopen in a couple of months time (about four weeks behind schedule).

It was suspended to bring the service up to date with EU standards.

With no donations taking place at the centre, the island is relying on stocks from the UK.

The number of units Jersey imports each week from the UK.
The cost per unit. This doesn't include the cost of transportation to Jersey.

The Pathology Manager at Health and Social Services says the delays are due to the uncertainty surrounding the future hospital.

The NHS say the support they are providing to Jersey has little impact on stocks in the UK.

The Jersey Blood Transfusion Service asked for our support during their improvement works and we are happy to help patients on the island.

We currently supply around 50 units a week to Jersey and the small volume involved means there is minimal impact on the blood supply in England.

We supply around 30,000 units of blood a week to hospitals in England.

– A spokesperson for NHS Blood and Transplant